The Indo-Caribbean Group (InCar Group) provides a range of services in the field of finance, business consulting, project development and infrastructure services. InCar Group is active on three continents. This reach enables it to offer unique services to multinational companies and smaller companies alike.

In the global market, InCar Group is very much aware of the importance and influence of cultural differences and the importance of understanding local business practices as well as global trends.

By being a bridge between cultures, InCar Group can be an important intermediate in international relations for companies in their drive to expand their business. Knowledge of different cultures helps InCar Group to avoid miscommunication, ensure smooth negotiations and lay the base for long term cooperation.

InCar Group partners with its clients and offers solutions that find their origin in the goals and strategies of their clients. We strive to increase the capability of our clients. We transfer our know-how so that – irrespective of the solution – our clients’ organizations are stronger as a result of working with us. Therefore, our solutions are not “one off”. They help sustain performance. As a result, InCar Group maintains an active role inside many ongoing people and organisational processes in the companies it serves.


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